Radisys and NI Collaborate on End-to-End 5G Platform

Radisys and NI have collaborated to deliver an end-to-end 5G platform that enables mobile operators and chipset manufacturers to validate and begin monetizing their 5G solutions now. The solution integrates Radisys’ 5G protocol stack with NI’s test equipment with 5G PHY and New Radio (NR) that connects over the air in millimeter and sub-6 GHz radio bands. It allows customers to simulate any 5G environment to test their products and accelerate their time to market.

Key Highlights of the System

  • 5G with its high performance and ultra-low latency capabilities is enabling innovative new use cases for multiple industries and applications. While mobile operators, chip manufacturers, and test & measurement vendors are developing 5G products, they need to be able to test their solutions in real-world scenarios to ensure the performance of their networks and devices.
  • Radisys’ first-to-market 5G Software Suite protocol stack supports L2 and above, delivering a complete 5G source code that can be leveraged by 5G User Equipment, Next Generation NodeB (gNB) radio/base stations, and the 5G Core Network. NI’s software-defined radios and modular hardware provide the wireless connection in millimeter wave and sub-6 GHz spectrum. The integrated solution can be used to simulate any 5G environment from automotive to handheld devices.
  • The integrated solution is currently being used by a tier-one North American wireless company to develop a 5G NR NSA UE.

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