Long-Range Wireless Power Technology to Remotely Charge Smart Devices

At Mobile World Congress Americas, Wi-Charge, provider of long-range wireless power technology that can charge a phone from across the room, demonstrated how its ground-breaking wireless power modules drive next-generation devices for home, office and public spaces.

Their wireless charging technology delivers power using safe, focused, beams of invisible infrared light. Transmitters connect to a standard power source and deliver power to nearby receivers. Receivers use a miniature photovoltaic cell to convert transmitted light into electrical power.

Receivers can be embedded in mobile devices or connected into an existing charging port. Transmitters automatically identify chargeable devices and discover their power requirements. Several devices can charge at the same time. Power priority is based on power requirements, battery level and other parameters.

Today, Wi-Charge can safely deliver up to 3 watts at distances of up to 10 meters using infrared light. Unlike alternative approaches that deliver tiny power levels (that also rapidly diminish over distance), the current generation of Wi-Charge modules can:

  • Charge a phone from a distance, thus allowing guests at restaurants, hotel lobbies and other public places to charge their mobile devices away from power outlets.
  • Remotely power smart devices and IoT sensors. This eliminates the need for frequent battery changes and expensive wiring jobs.
  • Allow device manufacturers to unlock the potential of their devices instead of succumbing to battery life limitations.

Wi-Charge products meet applicable US and international safety regulations. Click here for more info.