Comba Telecom Unveils 3.5GHz CBRS Outdoor CPE at MWC Americas 2018

Comba Telecom has launched its new 3.5GHz CBRS Outdoor CPE (Customer-Premises Equipment ), a customized solution which supports the Citizens Band Radio Service shared spectrum in the United States. They unveiled the product at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

The 3.5GHz CBRS Outdoor CPE is an integrated wireless broadband access solution, that combines a robust IP-65 compliant enclosure along with an integrated high-gain dual polarization directional antenna. The CPE is a complete solution to maximize outdoor-to-indoors cellular connectivity and coverage for a wireless system. It supports CBRS band 42/43/48 as well as band 2/66. The device complies with Category 12 and provides high data rates up to 600 Mbps with 80 MHz of carrier aggregation and also supports 4x4 MIMO with an integrated advanced high gain antenna.

CBRS has gained a lot of attention in North America and has a lot of potential, especially in the area of fixed wireless. With the access to CBRS, it allows commercial property managers to deploy their own private LTE networks with a combination of spectrum.

Comba Telecom has developed the new 3.5GHz CBRS Outdoor CPE in response to the increasing demand in private networks along with the CBRS. The product is now available.

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