A New Outdoor-to-Indoor Solution for 5G Millimeter Wave Fixed Wireless Access

MaxLinear and ZINWELL have launched their second-generation outdoor-to-indoor data and power transmission product. The ZRA-002 integrates MaxLinear’s AirPHY multi-gigabit modem technology with a 25 W wireless power module into a small, cost-effective 11 cm x 17 cm form factor.

The ZRA-002 provides service providers with a system to terminate a 5G wireless data service inside a residence or office where the 5G signal is otherwise blocked by the building walls or low-emissivity (low-E) glass windows. The ZRA-002 indoor unit (IDU) provides up to 25 W of wireless power and up to 2.5 Gbps throughput to an outdoor unit (ODU) that is then connected to an external 5G modem via a power-over-Ethernet cable. The ZRA-002 wireless power solution is targeted at window installations and can penetrate glass windows up to 3cm thick.

The new product is one of the first solutions in the market to solve the problem of outdoor-to-indoor wireless data and power transfer in a single, integrated unit. Additional products are in development to increase the wireless power capacity and extend the reach for walls that are up to 30cm thick. As according to Jim Kappes, Director of Product Marketing, MaxLinear Broadband Group, the ZRA-002 was designed to solve the problem of millimeter wave barrier penetration and simplify the installation process such that any homeowner could self-install the equipment. Self-installation is a game changer for 5G fixed wireless broadband service providers as it enables them to aggressively roll out Gigabit broadband services while also lowering the cost of acquiring new subscribers.

A demonstration of the ZRA-002 AirPHY and wireless power solution was held during the MWC Americas 2018 event in Los Angeles and at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

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