Miniaturized Device on a User's Tooth Enables Hands-Free Radio Calls

Sonitus Technologies has developed a new audio interface using near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) technology. This innovative technology makes voice communication immune to a user’s operating environment and decouples it from protective equipment. A small wireless, hands-free, ears-free device clips to a user’s teeth and creates an unbreakable personal communication link for speaking and hearing that is compatible with existing radio, phone or intercom solutions. The new audio path eliminates the need for ear pieces, microphones and wires on the head.

The Sonitus solution creates a unique wireless audio interface by embedding both a tiny microphone for talking and a speaker-transducer for hearing in a compact custom-fit mouth-piece that snaps comfortably around a user’s teeth. This allows the user to both talk and hear without external devices attached to the head. The placement in the mouth uses the body itself to block external noise when speaking and leverages the user’s teeth and jawbone to create a new auditory path for hearing. The result is an unobstructed head and face, clear communication, higher comfort, enhanced situational awareness and the ability to add or remove personal protective equipment without breaking communication.

The system transmits clearly in the harshest conditions, including extreme noise, wind, and under water. Communication is delinked from protective equipment so that helmets, respiratory and hearing protection can be added or removed without breaking voice communication. This enables clear speaking and hearing during rapid transitions from one operating mode to another.

The system is single or dual-comms capable and integrates with tactical radios, phones, ICS and other mobile communication platforms for continuous connectivity during transitions across operating platforms.

Security personnel, first responders, and industrial workers such as those in the energy sector are evaluating the Sonitus solution for various applications.

The company has been recently awarded Phase II of its contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) which is structured to provide the U.S. Air Force with a novel new personal communication system that Air Force personnel have nicknamed the ‘Molar Mic.’

The DOD, via its Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), has contracted Sonitus for a multi-million dollar, multi-year agreement, to complete development of the Molar Mic for purposes of transition to Fielding and Deployment of the system upon successful conclusion of the first segment of the contract which is funded by the U.S Air Force. Subsequently, other qualified branches of the U.S. defense community may leverage the technology as part of the DOD’s program to enhance communications capabilities and operational safety of its personnel. Sonitus was introduced to the DOD by In-Q-Tel, the not-for-profit strategic investor that identifies and partners with startup companies developing innovative technologies that protect and preserve U.S. security. Click here to learn more about Sonitus Technologies.