Batteryless Smart Door Locks Now Powered by Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless power services provider, Wi-Charge together with ZK Teco USA, has launched a unique integration of a high-end multi-biometric door lock using its Wi-Charge long-range wireless power receiver. Unlike traditional smart door locks, this solution does not require a battery or power source. It uses wireless charging technology to power the lock. The offering was showcased at the MWC Americas 2018 event held in Los Angeles, California.

Smart locks provide controlled, secure, and keyless access to homes and offices. They offer unique flexibility, convenience and management and are one of the key components of smart homes. But smart locks often use batteries, and thus require their owners to replace the batteries several times a year or risk losing access. In addition, device manufacturers are limited in their ability to add functionality to these locks because of limited power budget.

Wi-Charge has demonstrated a solution to overcome these critical issues. By integrating its long-range wireless power system with the highly-advanced smart lock from ZKTeco USA, battery replacements are no longer required, and highly-desired capabilities can be added with ease. The stylish integration is a prototype to show the limitless possibilities from integrating leading-edge security technologies with next-generation power delivery.

Wi-Charge is the long-range wireless power company, founded with the goal of enabling automatic charging of phones and other smart devices. Their patented infrared wireless power technology can deliver several watts of power to client devices up to 10 meters away. The company developed remote charging solutions that enable mobile and wireless devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user intervention.

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