SDN-Enabled Multi-Layer Microwave and mm-Wave Backhaul Capabilities for 5G Networks

Coriant and SIAE MICROELETTRONICA have collaborated to demonstrate SDN-enabled Layer3 microwave and mm-Wave backhaul solutions. The new solutions are optimized for the high-capacity, low latency demands of next-generation services and applications, including 5G and IoT.

Working closely with a European Tier1 mobile operator, this multi-vendor, multi-layer Proof of Concept (PoC) will showcase the interworking of the SIAE MICROELETTRONICA SM-DC microwave-domain controller and the Coriant Transcend Maestro hierarchical controller to orchestrate on-demand Layer3 service creation and provisioning across SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Layer3 microwave/mm-Wave and Coriant packet-optical transmission domains. The collaboration aims to demonstrate SDN-enabled network readiness for deployment and the advantages this solution brings across the network and the companies’ commitment toward this framework.

The SIAE MICROELETTRONICA SDN orchestration allows operators to focus on service creation and management with unprecedented flexibility, regardless of the underlining transport technology. The collaboration also reinforces Coriant’s commitment to open networking and unwavering focus on helping network operators address the practical challenges of transitioning to SDN-enabled network control across a diverse set of multi-vendor transport architectures and applications.

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