Junkosha to Unveil Next-Gen mm-Wave Interconnect Solution for 5G Networks at EuMW 2018

As the move to 5G accelerates the requirement for more advanced ‘phase stable’ interconnects, Junkosha has launched its latest mm-Wave cabling solution that can operate at frequencies up to 70 GHz. The MWX071 from the company’s Junflon MWX family, has been designed for applications including faster wireless communications and military radar, Junkosha’s latest interconnect provides Vector Network Analyser (VNA) manufacturers with the capability to test very high-frequency networks that are at the heart of today’s highly sophisticated systems.

With this latest mmWave interconnect, Junkosha is continuing its move to design solutions that will meet the higher frequency demands of tomorrow’s 5G networks. Available with ruggedized NMD connector assemblies to deliver reliable and robust connections to the VNA, this new interconnect solution adds further breadth to the 5G oriented MWX0 series. Featuring characteristics including high tensile strength, a low dielectric constant and high flex life thanks to Junkosha’s precision engineered expanded-PTFE tape wrapping technology, this new interconnect meets the need for a future proof, highest quality cabling solution.

Junkosha will show this new phase stable cable offering at EuMW 2018 in Madrid, Spain from September 25-27. 

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