HUBER+SUHNER Exhibits Highly Efficient Connectivity Solutions for RF-Energy at EuMW 2018

At European Microwave Week 2018,  HUBER+SUHNER is showcasing its latest technology solutions for RF Energy. A key highlight at the HUBER+SUHNER booth this year, is the RFEX – the first connector dedicated to RF-Energy applications (launched earlier this year). They aredemonstrating this connector at their booth at EuMW. Designed to handle the required high-power levels in peak demand applications, the RFEX connector avoids unnecessary energy use by handling the required high-power levels with the lowest possible losses.

The HUBER+SUHNER portfolio of RF-Energy solutions also on display includes polymer supported waveguides which bring a higher degree of flexibility into RF-Energy applications. Polymer-supported waveguides can be easily integrated into RF-Energy applications and are cost-efficient, small in size, and low in loss.

Other HUBER+SUHNER offerings on display at the booth include a range of assemblies from the SUCOFLEX family, which set the bar for industry standard return and insertion loss, as well as the Spuma RS portfolio. Both the SUCOFLEX family and the Spuma RS portfolio are rotary swaging enabled. To achieve this, individual stranded centre contacts are compressed during production to remove air gaps and this creates a smooth skin-like surface. This method offers a key benefit of increased flexibility, along with the unique combination of lower-loss, high power and high velocity, meaning there is no longer a trade-off between flexibility and low attenuation.

The company is also showcasing its pioneering multicoax solution, the MXPM which operates up to 70 GHz, with some options that go up to 85 GHz, and guarante a satisfying experience with its user-friendly magnet mount connection, making performance and reliability affordable.

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