Ampleon Launches 750 Watt Gen9HV LDMOS Transistor with 62% RF Power Efficiency

At the European Microwave Week in Madrid, Ampleon has released a 750 Watt Gen9HV LDMOS RF power transistor for use in particle accelerator applications operating in the 1.3 GHz spectrum, the BLF13H9L750P. This transistor provides 17 dB of gain and an efficiency better than 62%. With such a high operating efficiency, the transistor helps to deliver significant power savings compared to other solid state devices.

When compared to older klystron and valve-based equipment, a solid state approach requires considerably less maintenance, has a longer life cycle and requires less physical space, further contributing to lower operating costs. The transistor is available in a ceramic 4-lead SOT539 format and available both in a flanged bolt down package and a flanged earless package (BLF13H9LS750P).

The Ampleon Gen9HV 50V LDMOS process was introduced during 2017 and yields transistors of high consistency ensuring customers can maintain high levels of reproducibility during production.


  • Country: Netherlands
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