High-End R&S Analyzers Now have an Internal Analysis Bandwidth of 2 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz has upgraded the R&S FSW family of high-end analyzers to have an internal analysis bandwidth of 2 GHz and a real time bandwidth of 800 MHz. This applies to all FSW models with frequency support above 26.5 GHz.

In addition to the increase in internal and analysis bandwidth, the new R&S FSW also has 10 dB lower phase noise compared with the previous models, which is extremely important in applications such as troubleshooting the modulation of 5G signals in the microwave range.

The well-established family of R&S FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyzers is used for measurements in various applications, for example in wireless communications device testing for 5G and Wi-Fi, in radar analysis in the automotive and A&D sectors and in satellite system testing. The signal and spectrum analyzers can also be used to characterize RF components such as power amplifiers. 

Users can now analyze wideband signals from radar systems or 802.11ad Wi-Fi signals without requiring an external digitizer such as an oscilloscope in the test setup. The R&S FSW can also analyze bandwidths greater than 2 GHz, a feature that may be necessary for automotive radar or 5G applications. When performing measurements with an R&S FSW43 or R&S FSW85, the bandwidth can be extended up to 5 GHz using an R&S RTO2000 oscilloscope.

The new FSW models have a real time bandwidth of 800 MHz instead of 500 MHz offered by the previous models. The analyzers can also process the measurement signals twice as fast as before and perform more than two million FFTs per second. They have a 100 % probability of intercept of detecting and accurately measuring signals with a minimum duration of just 0.46 µs. Consequently, all signal details are detected without gaps. This is a crucial feature for transient analysis and when troubleshooting high-frequency applications.

It is very easy to create automated test sequences with the R&S FSW analyzer's embedded SCPI recorder. The user operates the analyzer as usual; the SCPI recorder records the all involved settings and converts them into a script for controlling the analyzer.

R&S have also improved the interface of these analyzers and provided a capacitive touchscreen making it much easier to control.

The new R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzers are on display at the European Microwave Week in Madrid and are available now from Rohde & Schwarz. Click here for more information.

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