Mimosa Introduces High Performing 5 GHz Sector Antennas

Mimosa Networks has added two new antennas to its purpose-built “N” series of antennas. The N5-45x2 and N5-45x4 are 5 GHz antennas represent the highest performing extended frequency 45-degree sector antennas, supporting ultra-wideband spectrum from 4.9 GHz – 6.4 GHz. Providing the high gain and ground coverage of a sector with the sidelobe rejection of a horn, the new antennas outperform traditional sectors and horn antennas that are plagued with interference, very low gain and limited distance.

With the introduction of the N5-45 sector antennas, operators can take advantage of meaningful cost reductions and revenue opportunities by adding more clients on a sector and use spectrum more efficiently. The antennas have been custom engineered to mitigate the interference seen in traditional sectors, caused by unmanaged sidelobes and poor front-to-back (FTB) ratios. They provide the industry’s highest 43 dB FTB ratio and leading sidelobe rejection, reducing interference and enabling twice the spectrum reuse. Their specialized design also tackles low gain and poor ground coverage, typically seen in horn antennas, and are optimized for both short and long-distance links. In addition, the antennas support an extended frequency range from 4.9 GHz to 6.4GHz, enabling service providers to escape noise in the congested 5.15 to 5.85 GHz band by providing an additional 800 MHz of spectrum beyond unlicensed 5 GHz, including the 4.9 GHz Public Safety band in the United States.

Due to the noise mitigation characteristics of the N5-45 antennas, network operators have colocation opportunities not previously available with other antennas. According to Scott Miller, CTO of Kansas Broadband, the N5-45 fills a product gap that currently exists in the market for high-performance sectors.

The Mimosa N5-45x2 delivers 19 dBi of gain and works with any third party 2x2 MIMO radio, while the N5-45x4 is designed to be paired with Mimosa’s 4x4 MIMO A5c or any other third party 4-port MIMO Access Point, providing downlink and uplink beamforming increasing client signal strength by +3 dB. The N5-45x2 and N5-45x4 are available to order now. For more details, click here.


  • Country: United States
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