New L-Band RF Power Amplifier Module for Avionic Systems

Integra has released a new RF power amplifier module/pallet - IGNP1011L2400 - designed to solve various size, weight, power, and cost challenges (SWaP-C) in high-performance L-band avionic systems.

The IGNP1011L2400 is a high power GaN-on-SiC RF power amplifier module/pallet that has been designed specifically for IFF/SSR systems operating under either Mode S ELM (48x {32µs on, 18µs off}, 6.4% Long Term Duty Cycle) or standard Mode S (128µs, 2% Duty Cycle) pulse conditions.

It supplies a minimum of 2200W of peak output power, with typically gain over 16 dB with 57% efficiency while operating from a 50V supply voltage. This RF power amplifier module/pallet is matched to 50-ohms at both input and output and is suitable for both 1030 and 1090 MHz.

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