New MU-MIMO Technology to Help Operators Increase Network Capacity by Upto 70%

Telrad Networks has announced the release of its MU-MIMO technology after completing a successful trial. The new technology is set to help operators increase capacity in a network by up to 70%, and thereby increasing subscriber connectivity rates.

The new feature was tested in the trial by long-term customer Seaside Wireless Communications, a Canadian Wireless Internet Service Provider located in Nova Scotia. The company in recent times has been able to double its spectral efficiency during this trial, which meant they could add subscribers to their network within the current spectrum they already utilize.

The new feature falls into an overall strategy by the company to increase capacity and coverage for customers. The MU-MIMO (Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output) technology announcement follows two feature announcements earlier in the year for the Dual Sector/Carrier feature and Carrier Aggregation solution, both of which are now generally available.

MU-MIMO will help improve network reliability and provide higher spectral efficiency for operators around the world. The technology allows for more users to use the same spectrum without self-interference and without degrading the overall network performance. The value of increased sector capacity without the addition of new spectrum or additional hardware greatly reduces operational costs to operators and creates faster return on investment (ROI).

This latest BreezeCOMPACT software defined feature includes:

  • MU-MIMO – Maximizes spectral efficiency through spatial multiplexing of users within a sector
  • Frequency Selective Scheduling – Smart scheduling based on CPE specific sub channel conditions to maximize spectral efficiency
  • Multi-Layer Beamforming – For improved coverage throughout the network

Telrad will be exhibiting at the WISPAPALOOZA Conference, in Las Vegas from October 9-12, 2018. Visitors can learn more about the company’s suite of high-performance products and services for today’s wireless broadband market.

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