Taoglas Introduces Range of High-Performance Antennas for FirstNet Applications

Taoglas has introduced the Response line of LTE antennas specifically designed for FirstNet applications, including the GuardianX, first 11-in-1 MIMO low-profile, adhesive-mount antenna, as well as the Synergy 9-in-1 MIMO screw-mount antenna, that deliver the best in FirstNet Band 14, LTE, Wi-Fi and satellite connectivity. The antennas were showcased at the IACP Annual Conference and Exposition October 6-9 in Orlando, Florida.

Adoptions of FirstNet, a dedicated (Band 14) nationwide broadband network for first responders in the U.S., continue to grow, driving demand for next-generation antenna technology to deliver the reliability and coverage needed to enable this crucial connectivity system. Key FirstNet applications include computer-aided dispatch (vehicle location), EMS electronic patient care reporting, vehicle-mounted RMS/citations/scanners, video streaming, and drones deployed by emergency services using FirstNet LTE.

The Taoglas Response antennas are designed to work with FirstNet-ready routers from Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint, with more to be announced in the future from FirstNet operator AT&T. The GuardianX 11-in-1 is the first low-profile, adhesive-mount, high-performing antenna to accommodate the Sierra Wireless MG90, with antenna combinations of 6 Wi-Fi, 4 LTE and GNSS.

Taoglas’ complete line of smaller, compact, highly sophisticated antennas are available in both permanent mount and adhesive mount options in a variety of configurations. For more information about Taoglas Response antennas, click here.