Impinj Ships its Two-Millionth RAIN RFID Connectivity Device

Leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions, Impinj Inc, has now shipped two million connectivity devices used to identify, locate, and authenticate RAIN-tagged items. Impinj connectivity devices include RAIN RFID readers, gateways, reader chips, and modules that wirelessly connect everyday items to business and consumer IoT applications—enabling organizations to analyze and use data about those items to improve efficiencies, increase sales, and delight customers. The company envisions extending the reach of the Internet by a factor of 1,000 by connecting items such as retail apparel, airline baggage, logistics and transport items, packaged food, and much more.

RAIN RFID Deployments have grown as Impinj devices have become easier to use, integrate, and deploy worldwide. New and expanded markets are driving Impinj connectivity device growth in increasing numbers:

  • Supply Chain & Logistics companies optimize operations, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.
  • Retailers improve inventory visibility, reduce out-of-stocks, enable omni-channel fulfillment, enhance shopping experiences, and prevent loss.
  • Air Transportation operators improve baggage handling accuracy and efficiency.
  • Healthcare providers automate asset and inventory management, improve process flow, increase charge capture, and improve patient experience.

The Impinj platform, which includes endpoint ICs, connectivity devices, and software, allows a broad partner ecosystem to connect billions of everyday items to applications like warehouse shipment verification, inventory management, asset tracking, and patient safety. In January 2018, the company announced the milestone shipment of its 25 billionth endpoint IC, which businesses use to uniquely identify items and which connectivity devices read to deliver information about those items to business and consumer applications.


  • Country: United States
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