NewEdge Introduces High-Power Multi-band LTE Platform Based on OpenCellular Project

High-tech RF solutions company, NewEdge Signal Solutions has developed a new high-power multi-band LTE platform based on TIP's OpenCellular project. The new platform will enhance outdoor LTE coverage for rural communities.

As part of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), OpenCellular is an open source wireless access platform designed to improve connectivity in rural communities. OpenCellular technologies can be deployed to support a range of communication options, from a network in a box to an access point supporting a range of mobile standards from 2G to LTE. Facebook open-sourced the OpenCellular files including schematic, layout, CAD files and software as part of the project group to help accelerate the creation of a new, more interoperable ecosystem.

The new high-power multi-band LTE platform from NewEdge is an RF front end module supporting 2 x 5 watt LTE in the 3GPP bands 20 and 28. It contains a carrier board with two envelope tracking power amplifier (ETPA) modules.

NewEdge Signal Solutions combines extensive knowledge and a wealth of intellectual property in the areas of filters, linearization technology and RF amplifier design to create digitally tunable filters and software-controlled RF front end modules that combine high-efficiency operation with multi-frequency and multi-mode capability. This solves technical problems resulting from the explosion of frequency bands, waveforms and mobile standards, from 2G to 5G. The company features a size- and energy-efficient product portfolio that can handle a wide range of frequencies and waveforms.

The complete high-power multi-band LTE platform will be available in Q1 next year and will be available through the channels established by the OpenCellular Project Group.