PHAZR Receives FCC/CE Certifications of 5G Millimeter-wave Products

PHAZR, a US-based virtualized radio network (vRAN) provider, has received FCC/CE certification for commercial deployment of its 5G millimeter wave base stations in the US and Europe.

PHAZR's 5G vRAN boasts Cliff Computing, where massive antenna arrays, RF and baseband functions are integrated into a single physical unit reducing latency and eliminating the need for expensive fronthaul. This unique approach of pushing compute into the antenna units enables advanced capabilities such as fully digital Hyperdense beamforming that packs dozens of beams across a 120-degree sector. The RF front-end is highly programmable and capable of supporting frequency bands in the 24 GHz to 40 GHz range with dual polarized multi-antenna arrays.

PHAZR is the first 5G solutions provider to be granted both FCC and CE certification for millimeter-wave radios. Their certification covers operation in the 27.5 - 28.35 GHz, as well as the 31.8 - 33.4 GHz bands.

PHAZR offers broadest portfolio of 5G Millimeter wave systems for the licensed-bands in the 24-40 GHz frequency range. Their Highly-differentiated Quadplex approach pairs millimeter wave spectrum for downlink with sub-7 GHz spectrum for the uplink to uniquely enable high-performance, cost-effective, and power-efficient 5G systems.