Radiocrafts Unveils the World’s First RF Module for the 169 MHz Wize Protocol

Radiocrafts has introduced an RF module that is compliant with the new Wize protocol as specified by the Wize Alliance based on Wireless M-Bus technology. The new RC1701HP-WIZE module provides the complete communication protocol for the new LPWAN solution operating at 169 MHz.

The Wize radio protocol is a new industry initiative for Industrial IoT to meet the challenge of large area coverage while connecting “hard-to-reach” devices where a good line-of-sight cannot be established. To achieve this goal the network is based on the 169 MHz carrier frequency, a much lower frequency than used in other LPWAN networks, combined with true narrowband technology. The Wize Alliance is a new industry association that is chartered to drive and promote 169 MHz LPWAN technology under the Wize name.

Radiocrafts has been a pioneer in radio modules operating at 169 MHz, and was a key contributor when it was standardized in Wireless M Bus. The company joined the Wize Alliance as one of the first members, and is now the first company announcing an off-the-shelf Wize radio module.

The 169 MHz frequency band has significant advantages compared to other license-free bands using higher frequencies. The physical properties of the lower operating frequency ensures the radio waves travel further, and  have better penetration in buildings and “hard-to-reach” places. The RC1701HP-WIZE has a range of more than 5 km LOS (Line of Sight), and a coverage radius of 1-2 km even in dense urban areas. It is a compact surface-mount module which measures only 12.7 x 25.4 mm, and delivered in tape and reel packaging.