New High-Performance OMNI FIT Connectors for Wireless Infrastructure Applications

Radio Frequency Systems has announced that the full range of its new C03 family of OMNI FIT standard connectors is now commercially available. The new connectors provide excellent electrical performance, N, 7-16 DIN and 4.3-10 interfaces, and three attachment options to support any installation requirement. The new family of connectors provides key performance and design enhancements that help operators squeeze every last bit of performance out of existing infrastructure and maintain end-user satisfaction while simplifying installations. To help operators take advantage of the new connectors, RFS is offering them at similar prices to legacy OMNI FIT standard connectors.

OMNI FIT standard connectors are designed for use with RFS CELLFLEX copper cables and CELLFLEX Lite aluminum cables. The new C03 family of OMNI FIT connectors provides the features operators need most:

  • Excellent PIM and VSWR ratings to help maintain high levels of signal quality and system performance at all times
  • Spacing-saving 4.3-10 interfaces as well as traditional N and 7-16 DIN interfaces to support any installation requirement
  • Three attachment options for 4.3-10 connectors to simplify installations in the smallest and most awkward spaces as well as in harsh environments
  • A lighter weight design than the previous generation of OMNI FIT standard connectors to ease installation and minimize the burden on already loaded towers

The new high-performance OMNI FIT standard connectors are available for all variants of the following RFS CELLFLEX cables:

  • SCF12-50 1/2-inch Superflex
  • LCF12-50 1/2-inch Flexible
  • LCF78-50 7/8-inch Flexible

The OMNI FIT standard connectors, along with RFS’ OMNI FIT premium connectors, provide the market with a complete offering for field-installable connectors. For more information, click here.

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