New PIM Finder to Locate Sources of External PIM Outside Antenna Infrastructure

Kaelus, a subsidiary of Infinite Electronics, has released a new PIM solution, the PIM Finder, to accurately identify and locate external PIM sources outside antenna infrastructure. Used in combination with the Kaelus iVA Cable & Antenna analyzer and the iPA portable PIM analyzer, the PIM finder is a software option available through Kaelus Unify, used to pinpoint and detect external PIM sources such as loose mounting and cable brackets, fasteners, parapet walls and more, while allowing for the elimination of key causes of PIM interference.

LTE and 5G high data rate modulation schemes require clean spectrum to operate to their potential. External PIM sources have a direct impact on data rates and PIM Finder identifies those causes, allowing for better performance.

Key Features of the PIM Finder include:

  • Ideal for all testing scenarios including tower, rooftop, DAS and small cell sites
  • Pinpoints external PIM (outside antenna infrastructure)
  • Locates PIM sources in the 560-2750MHz frequency range
  • One-handed operation, direct connection from iVA to low-PIM probe
  • Small and lightweight, allows for working in hard to access areas
  • iPA provides up to 2x20W RF carriers to be transmitted
  • iVA provides a receiver for measuring externally generated PIM

Kaelus is a globally recognized leader in test and measurement instruments, cell-site filters, combiners and tower-mounted amplifiers. They provide the telecommunications industry with high-quality, testing and conditioning products that enable global communication.


  • Country: United States
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