Dual-Stage 250 W LDMOS RF Power Module for 2.4 GHz ISM Applications

Ampleon has introduced a compact dual-stage 250 Watt LDMOS RF power module, the BPC2425M9X2S250-1. Designed for high power continuous wave (CW) industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications operating in the 2,400 MHz to 2,500 MHz frequency band, the high efficiency module measures 72 mm x 34 mm and incorporates a temperature sensor to facilitate the monitoring and control of its temperature, state-of-art multilayer board with integrated heat spreader and best in class LDMOS technology.

The module also has a 50 Ohm matched input and output, which simplifies the design-in process by removing the need for any tuning or additional matching components. The RF power module is a compact and lightweight solution whose implementation eases the overall system design and manufacturing process by lowering component count and minimizing space, an essential aspect of any space-constrained product design.

When operating from a 32 VDC supply, the module has a peak output of 290 Watts (CW), 300 Watt (pulsed) and an efficiency of 59% (CW), 61% (pulsed) and a gain of 31 dB. Typical RF energy applications for the BPC2425M9X2S250-1 include use in industrial heating and drying systems, plasma lighting fixtures, and solid state cooking ovens. Each module is full DC, RF tested and x-Rayed during production, ensuring customers can achieve high quality, reliability, and consistency in their end products.


  • Country: Netherlands
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