Ultra-scalable Phase and Time Sync Solution for the 5G Era

Frequency source manufacturer, Oscilloquartz, has introduced a new tool for fixed, mobile and cable network operators looking to prepare for 5G while maximizing the value of their frequency synchronization infrastructure. The new OSA 5440 solution delivers highly precise, phase and time-of-day synchronization with unbeatable resilience and scale.

The solution offers full hardware redundancy, line rates up to 10Gbit/s and an unprecedented number of fan-out options. Its modular design makes it customizable for all requirements through in-service swapping of pluggable components. It supports legacy applications with up to 160 BITS interfaces, making it an ideal SSU solution. The OSA 5440 also has capacity for up to 48 1/10GbE ports supporting PTP, NTP and SyncE. As well as distributing highly accurate frequency synchronization, the device meets the stringent phase and time demands of LTE-TDD, LTE-A and 5G RAN networks. It has already been deployed by one of Europe’s leading Tier 1 operators.

What today’s operators need is a synchronization solution that is cost-effective, robust and scalable. Already being leveraged by a major network service provider, the OSA 5440 is the perfect technology for smoothly migrating legacy networks to packet-based timing with no costly upgrades or interruptions to services. It meets an unprecedentedly wide range of requirements from fixed to mobile networks and from 2G to 5G in a single device, dramatically reducing operating costs. It can accommodate 10Gbit/s as well as 1Gbit/s interfaces with hardware time-stamping and supports PTP, NTP and SyncE with 48 Ethernet ports. Network operators can maintain their legacy SSU networks and evolve ultra-precise, incredibly reliable timing, safe in the knowledge that their synchronization network will meet emerging requirements all the way to 5G connectivity.

Oscilloquartz’s OSA 5440 and its 1RU equivalent, the OSA 5430, are the only technologies available to offer the space and energy savings of hardware redundancy together with the scale needed for today’s expanding and evolving radio access networks. They are both fully customizable and feature a dual multi-GNSS receiver for highest availability. Integrated Syncjack technology enables in-service synchronization monitoring and assurance without the need for expensive test equipment, and all functions are supported by ADVA’s FSP Sync Manager. Like other Oscilloquartz core grandmaster clocks, the OSA 5440 can be combined with Oscilloquartz’s advanced cesium clocks to create an ePRTC system for unprecedented stability, precision and reliability even in the case of GNSS failure. It also provides a direct fan-out from ePRTC into the network using multiple PTP and SyncE interfaces, enabling ultimate phase and time delivery with the lowest energy and smallest form factor. 

According to Oscilloquartz, the OSA 5440 provides the crucial link between legacy and emerging technologies. It addresses the urgent synchronization needs of mission-critical infrastructure across all industries from radio access to utility to government networks. With its unrivalled capacity and abundance of fan-out options, the OSA 5440 is the ultimate route to next-generation timing for the 5G era.

With support for up to 10Gbit/s interfaces, Oscilloquartz is taking phenomenally accurate network synchronization to the next level. The OSA 5440 also features completely redundant hardware architecture so if one module fails, another is on standby, ensuring no interruption to services and no impact on end users. It provides a smooth migration from legacy to next-generation timing by supporting precise PTP as well as SyncE, BITS and NTP interfaces in the same product.