Innovative Sensor Technology to Showcase Radar Sensors at electronica 2018

Radar experts from InnoSenT GmbH are set to take part as an exhibitor at the electronica 2018 in Munich. At their exhibition booth, they will showcase their radar sensors and systems for smart home & building automation, security and level measurement. The company from the German region of Lower Franconia will exhibit their bestsellers and innovations for industrial and commercial applications, which make everyday life smarter, safer and more comfortable.

With technological advances, the demand for intelligent sensor technology is on the rise. Sensors will prove indispensable in the future. In light of progressing automation and for intelligent control, sensors are essential. They act as sensory organs for technology. This metaphor is also the basis for the InnoSenT GmbH’s slogan “Rely on more senses”. It alludes to relying on additional “senses”, such as radar sensors, to achieve greater comfort and safety in everyday life. Already today, the company’s products are present in all different areas of life: starting with lighting control, to door openers or alarm systems, to driving assistance systems.

InnoSenT has consistently set new standards in the past with innovative products in order to be optimally prepared for the challenges of the new markets and to provide end customers with real benefits. This also describes the portfolio InnoSenT intends to present at the electronica:

  • The SMR is a compact radar sensor which is the first module to be manufactured fully automatically. It is shipped on tape and reel for automatic fitting. Its features are ideally coordinated with the requirements of home automation.
  • The INS features a unique combination of a proximity switch and motion detection function, and is primarily oriented towards smart home and security applications.
  • The radar systems iSYS-5010 and 5020 were developed by InnoSenT specifically for monitoring outside areas and allow radar and camera technology to be fused together in an innovative manner.
  • The iSYS-6003 radar system accurately detects filling levels using distance measurement to the millimeter, even under extreme conditions such as dirtiness, heat or cold.

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Publisher: everything RF