TE Connectivity Launches ERFV RF Coax Connectors for 5G Wireless Applications

TE Connectivity has introduced its new ERFV RF coax connectors for 5G wireless applications. The new solutions are being showcased in an active antenna display at TE's booth (Hall 82, Booth 225) at the Electronica show in Munich, Germany.

Future 5G wireless equipment designs will require a new level of highly reliable and customizable components, offered at lower costs that can enable the expanding worldwide wireless infrastructure. TE's new ERFV RF coax connectors support next-generation 5G wireless designs by implementing antenna and radio board-to-board and board-to-filter connections at a lower cost.

ERFV RF coax connectors use a cost-efficient one-piece design and offer a high degree of customization with a range of between-board heights and connector configurations. With ERFV connectors, between-board heights can range from 5.2mm to 20mm depending on product applications such as board-to-filter or between printed circuit boards (PCBs). The connector can also be applied as a surface mount board-to-board connection or a screw-in or push-in connection into filters. In addition, ERFV coax connectors deliver proven reliability with axial misalignment tolerance of +/- 1mm, radial misalignment tolerance of +/- 0.8mm, and outstanding insertion loss and return loss over DC to 10 GHz.

To learn more about TE's new ERFV coax connectors, click here.