HUBER+SUHNER Exhibits its Connectivity and RF Energy Solutions at electronica 2018

HUBER+SUHNER, a leading manufacturer of electrical and optical connectivity solutions is showcasing its product portfolio at electronica 2018, in Munich, Germany. Some of the solutions at their booth this year include the following:

Cable Assembly Solutions

Designed for phase critical applications requiring ultimate precision and reliability, the company’s new product line of Consistent Over Temperature (CT) phase invariant cable assemblies provide industry-leading performance across a number of key factors. With optimum stability over harsh temperatures, minimal phase, and insertion loss, return loss and shielding effectiveness as well as simple and efficient installation, the CT assemblies are essential for applications where communication cannot be compromised, such as drones, military vehicles, and test and measurement scenarios. CT variants are available of the tried and tested Sucoform, EZ, Minibend, and Multiflex product families.

Automotive connectivity solutions for the future

Featuring high-quality electrical performance, the company’s first automotive board-to-board connector – SynaPad – acts as a single, solderless piece which is easy to assemble and enables direct to board connection. The connector also has the ability to compensate axial and radial misalignments which are key for reducing mechanical stress during temperature changes and vibration.

With autonomous vehicles in mind, the company also offers injection moulded radar antennas to suit the latest radar systems being developed in the industry today. Utilizing radiator geometries, three-dimensional signal distribution networks, radar systems using technology from HUBER+SUHNER provide higher resolution images, can measure large distances and detect obstacles even in harsh weather conditions.

RF energy for the future

Designed for the required high-power levels in peak demand applications, the RFEX connector – first connector dedicated to solid-state RF energy applications – is a key component for commercializing solid-state RF energy and thus achieving controllability in the respective applications. The highly cost-efficient solution provides customers with a reliable, long-term solution for overcoming today’s limitations in cooking, warming, and heating.

Semi-conductor testing essentials

Ultra-precise and highly-reproducible, the MXPM70 offers best-in-class signal integrity, magnetic locking mechanism, automatic interface protection, and a cost-efficient PCD socket.

On display alongside the MXPM70, the full range of multi-coax connectors, including the MXPM and MXP lines are being showcased. Highly-flexible and ultra-stable as standard, the MXPM and MXP lines are essential for bench-top testing, system testing as well as for internal cabling in automated testing equipment.

Smart solution, smart charging

Supporting charging times below 15 minutes (up to an 80% state of charge), the RADOX HPC High Power Charging system is also on display. It guarantees quick, convenient and safe charging of electric vehicles. Offering a smaller cable cross-section than others on the market today, the RADOX HPC is available with Combined Charging System (CCS) type-1 (USA and Canada specific) and type-2 connectors (Europe compatible).

Stop by the Huber+Shuner Booth to learn more.

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