Bluetest Develops Solution to Test Devices on a Real Mobile Network

Bluetest and Wind Tre, an Italian mobile operator and one of the main operators in the fixed-line market, have worked together on a device test solution where the Wind Tre LTE network is connected directly to a Bluetest reverberation test system. This enables a real life, repeatable, test environment in which the function and performance of multicarrier MIMO LTE devices can be accurately evaluated.

The Bluetest reverberation test system is connected through a step attenuator to the RAN. The current configuration uses three LTE carriers on different frequency bands with a total of 10 MIMO streams. The step attenuator is used to control the path loss to the device. The Bluetest Flow Server generates IP data traffic that is transported through the mobile network to the device enabling data throughput vs received power measurements.

The test solution can easily be expanded to support even more carriers and MIMO streams as well as the introduction of 5G NR. Click here to learn more about Bluetest.