Empower RF to Showcase Battle Hardened EW Emitters at AOC Convention

Empower RF, at the upcoming Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention, will be showcasing its high power solid state transmitting amplifiers. The equipment suite consists of the models 2162, 2170, and 2215 providing compact and rugged EA, communications, and threat emitter capability from 20 to 6000 MHz, and will be housed in Los Angeles while being controlled and monitored by the Empower booth demonstration team who will be exercising the system software demonstrating capabilities of the configurable amplifiers. The 55th edition of the Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention will be held in Washington from November 27-29, 2018.

Empower RF's Next Generation family of emitters are currently operating in Multi-Domain scenarios as jamming and communication power amplifiers. With a flexible software defined operation that allows the amplifier to be adaptable to future electromagnetic communications, radar, and EA waveforms, this architecture is favored by integrators of “on range” electronic warfare simulation, test and training systems.

Attendees at the event can also interact with the company at their booth (Booth 412) and discuss their custom requirements. Empower RF engineers have designed a standard electromechanical and software architecture that has commonality across power levels and bandwidths that shorten design and manufacturing cycles. Features include:

  • Hot Swappable, Liquid or Air Cooled Configurations
  • 0dbm Input, No External Driver Amplifier Required
  • Redundancy at the System Level
  • User Configurable Operating Modes
  • Electronic VSWR protection with Graceful Power Degradation
  • Zero Point of Failure Configurations Available
  • System Wide Performance Monitoring and Sensing through Local, LAN, and Browser GUI
  • Installation Service Available
  • 3 Year Warranty

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