Signal Hound Unveils GNU Radio Modules for Its Spectrum Analyzers

Signal Hound has released GNU Radio modules for the BB60C and SM200A spectrum analyzers, allowing for the analyzers to be used as I/Q sources from within GNU Radio, as blocks in a flowgraph, components of a hierarchical block, or called from a script.

GNU Radio is an open-source toolkit for a software radio that is widely used in research, industry, academia, government, and hobbyist environments.

By providing a drag and drop interface to connect signal processing blocks, along with the integration of Python, GNU Radio is great for rapid development, including applications, system design, one-off solutions, prototyping, simulation, and experimentation. The ability to implement performance-critical signal processing paths in C++ allows for real-time, high-throughput systems (from

The Signal Hound BB60C and SM200A GNU Radio modules are available immediately on Signal Hound's GitHub page. The downloads include a couple examples to help a user get up and running.