HUBER+SUHNER Joins the NGMN Alliance to Help Accelerate 5G Development

HUBER+SUHNER has become the latest company to join the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance. The Alliance advocates and seeks to encourage expansion of the communications experience by providing an integrated and cohesively-managed delivery platform that brings affordable mobile broadband services to the end user. It has a particular focus on 5G, while accelerating the development of the LTE-Advanced ecosystem.

Being widely involved in 5G developments, from connectivity solutions, to wavelength-division multiplexing and optical switching, HUBER+SUHNER believes it made perfect sense for the company to join NGMN at this time. They will not only learn from and work with other organizations in the 5G eco-system collaboratively, but to also share participation in the development and delivery of 5G and associated technology in the future. The contributions delivered by HUBER+SUHNER experts to the NGMN work programme will support standards development with a future-thinking outlook, while guiding the industry towards the successful deployment of 5G, benefiting end users in a range of locations, including high density urban and underserved rural areas.

The announcement came at the recently concluded NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada. The exhibition and conference hosted the world’s top Operator CTOs, who came together to discuss the future of mobile broadband. Sponsored by Canadian operator TELUS, the conference featured more than 60 speakers across two days.