Fractus Antennas Joins the Sigfox Partner Network

Virtual Antenna technology pioneer, Fractus Antennas, has joined the Sigfox Partner Network. Fractus delivers the smallest off-the-shelf, multi-band and multi-purpose antenna that fits any IoT device and works for any IoT band.

Sigfox Alliance members, clients and partner networks will now have easy access to an optimal antenna component for Sigfox devices. The goal of Sigfox Partner Network is to gather an ecosystem of IoT companies under the same roof. This way, visitors can discover the right IoT products for any desired project and contact companies directly.

By joining the Sigfox Partner Network, Fractus will help designers with an off-the-shelf Sigfox antenna component providing them the fastest, cheapest and easiest path to go wireless. Moreover, the company has launched a new service to give clients a free antenna design in only 24 hours by just completing an easy form on the website.

The Virtual Antenna offered by Fractus Antennas is versatile in nature and allows the same off-the-shelf, SMT component to be used across multiple wireless designs reducing time to market and cost.

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