Vayyar Unveils Groundbreaking mmWave 3D Imaging SoC Evaluation Kit

Vayyar Imaging has launched a new Evaluation Kit (EVK) for its mm-Wave 3D-Imaging solution. Walabot-60Ghz provides users with the groundbreaking capabilities of Vayyar’s high-resolution 3D imaging chip, alongside an SDK/API, facilitating rapid development, integration and scaling of products. The kit includes a highly advanced chip with a 40 Transceivers array (40 Tx/Rx), complete with FOV embedded antennas and wide-band 60 GHz imaging radar.

The Walabot-60Ghz EVK delivers an exceptionally wide field of view along with high-resolution imaging. This gives users unprecedented capabilities, enabling the development of advanced applications for smart home, robotics, retail, medical and many other industries. Potential uses include obstacle avoidance, perimeter protection, ultrasonic replacement, automatic door openers, people tracking, posture detection, short range imaging and even point cloud technologies.

The Walabot-60Ghz system consists of the following components:

  • The Walabot-60Ghz RF Sensor Unit
  • The EVK Engine – Hosts software that performs signal processing functions
  • Web GUI – User interface client software that communicates with the EVK Engine via a TCP/IP connection
  • API Client – Optional customer-developed software that communicates with the EVK Engine via a TCP/IP connection

Leveraging the technological advancements of the Walabot-60Ghz EVK, individuals and organizations alike – from research and innovation centers to engineers and enthusiasts – can create disruptive applications based on Vayyar’s advanced System on a Chip (SoC) for mmWave 3D imaging technology. To learn more about the Walabot-60Ghz EVK, click here.