Harris Successfully Launches its First Small-Satellite

Harris has announced the successful launch of its first small satellite from India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The recent achievement showcases the company’s ability to provide complete end-to-end mission solutions for the fast-growing small-sat market.

Named, Harris Satellite (HSAT), it is a briefcase-size 6U cubesat that provides an affordable solution for defense and commercial customers with very high-speed satellite communications requirements. Designed to fly in the low Earth orbit, it features a persistent, resilient mission architecture that can be reconfigured after launch – reducing risk for customers.

HSAT leverages the company’s 50-year legacy providing exquisite satellites and its advanced, miniaturized technology capabilities. Harris will operate the small-sat from its satellite operations center and ground station in Palm Bay, Florida. Initial on-orbit testing indicates HSAT is performing as expected.

According to Harris, HSAT’s successful launch and initial testing showcases the company’s ability to design, build and operate a small, lightweight satellite that can be affordably launched as a ‘rideshare’ with other satellites on the same rocket. It can then be reconfigured in space – enabling customers to upgrade or reprogram the application on orbit. Harris has been awarded multiple small-sat pathfinder missions in advance of launching HSAT. The company is adapting technologies used in its high-performance sensors and payloads, satellite ground systems, and advanced data analytics capabilities for small-sat platforms to safely leverage NewSpace benefits for critical mission needs.

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