New High-Gain Broadband RF Amplifier from 600 to 4200 MHz

Integrated Device Technology has introduced its new F0424 high-gain broadband RF amplifier, which offers configurable high linearity performance at the lowest possible power consumption for a variety of receiver and transmitter applications operating between 600 MHz and 4200 MHz. The device offers the flexibility to tailor linearity performance to fit the needs of a wide range of applications and operates from a 3.3V or 5V supply.

The IDT F0424 is an ideal solution for macro base stations, massive MIMO, repeaters, small cell and test equipment because it combines a flat gain across a wide spectrum with IDT’s unique Zero Distortion technology, which dramatically reduces intermodulation distortion and significantly improves a receiver’s signal-to-noise performance.

The F0424 is available now in a 2 x 2 mm 8-DFN package. Click here for more information.

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