A Low Power Wide Area Network Solution Optimized For Industrial IoT

Radiocrafts has introduced a new family of RF modules that create a complete LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) optimized for Industrial IoT applications. The RIIoT radio protocol uses IEEE 802.15.4 g/e providing bi-directional communication with short transmission pulses that enables dense networks with high reliability and very low power.

The RIIoT has a compact RF module as the foundation, a simple set-up, and a novel solution to interface any sensor or actuator, called the ICI, Intelligent C-programmable I/O. It allows customers to create complex applications managing and interfacing sensors and actuators in less than 100 lines of C-code, removing the need for an external microcontroller in the leaf node. A complete RIIoT network includes sensor nodes based on the RC1880-SPR module, a gateway based on the RC1880-GPR module, and the RIIoT-NET, a Linux software that can run on any commercial gateway that is Linux based and has an SPI or USB interface.

The new RIIoT LPWAN solution is low cost, does not require any license or subscription, and is very low power. A sensor node can run on a 500 mAh coin cell battery for 5 years with updates every few minutes.

Key features of RIIoT:

  • 868 MHz or 915 MHz frequency
  • Star network topology
  • Supporting several hundred nodes in a network
  • Very low power consumption, 5-year lifetime on a 500 mAh coin cell battery
  • Universal sensor/actuator ICI interface
  • Up to 8 km range, Line of sight, 5kbps / High Power option
  • Use a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Linux gateway for internet access
  • Cloud application compatible via JSON objects

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