Resonant Introduces an RF Filter IP Standard Library with a Quadplexer Solution

Resonant Inc, a company that is transforming the way RF front-ends are being designed and delivered for mobile handset and wireless devices, has introduced its Filter IP Standard Library with a quadplexer solution and has already signed its first licensing agreement with an existing power amplifier fabless customer.

The company has been developing a Filter IP Standard Library in collaboration with its foundry partners to create scale by offering one design that can be licensed by multiple customers and to provide fabless customers with a quick time-to-market solution, which is critical in this fast-moving industry.

Focused on high value bands first, Resonant unveiled the inaugural design in the library, the fast-track quadplexer. A leading power amplifier vendor, one of its existing fabless customers, expanded its licensing agreement to leverage this new quadplexer design. Resonant plans to increase the number bands in its library as well as aggressively market to existing and prospective customers. When combined, the company believes this product development will drive scale in 2019 and beyond.

Resonant is creating innovative filter designs for RF, front-ends for the mobile device industry. They use a fundamentally new technology called Infinite Synthesized Networks™, or ISN, to configure and connect acoustic resonators, the building blocks of RF filters.