US Navy to Use Passive RFID Systems for Enhanced Asset Tracking

Global RFID and IoT solutions expert, Venture Research, has received a contract to supply mobile passive RFID (pRFID) systems to the U.S. Navy for use at four geographically diverse sites. The goal of this initiative is to evaluate the performance of an asset tracking solution combining Venture's MultiTrak mobile pRFID reader with its integrated geo-positioning capability with a customizable application programming interface (API), enabling the U.S. military to reliably capture asset tracking information on a large scale. The contract was awarded by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).

Both military and commercial inventory management operations are contingent on being able to uniquely identify, quantify, and locate critical assets. Previously, industry solutions for RFID deployments have not offered a hardened mobile system capable of being mounted on a forklift or other vehicles with an integrated geo-positioning solution. This capability is critical to reducing costs and increasing efficiency for large-scale material management operations that occur at the Navy piers every day.

According to NCMS Project Manager, Nicholas Brown, the Venture Research API and integrated mobile pRFID solution, which will be utilized under stringent military requirements, will offer significant promise for military, commercial, and consumer applications. The successful deployment of this system is expected to yield operational improvements that will be applicable beyond Navy pier asset management and intermediate support efforts. The MultiTrak solution will encompass a variety of large-scale material management operations.

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is a cross-industry technology development consortium, dedicated to improving the competitiveness and strength of the U.S. industrial base. As a member-based organization, it leverages its network of industry, government, and academia to develop, demonstrate, and transition innovative technologies efficiently, with less risk, and lower cost.