New Trompeter Mini-WECo to BNC Cable Assemblies for Video Distribution Systems

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group company, has announced the expansion of its Trompeter video patching product offering.

Modern video distribution and processing systems, also known as media distribution networks, often rely on the flexibility offered by patching systems. These systems allow for the routing of data from node to node. As densities have increased, the need for more compact panel solutions has risen. Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Trompeter product line has addressed this by expanding their current patch cable offering to now include the use of mini-WECo connector to BNC along with the existing Trompeter suite of assemblies. The use of the mini-WECo connectors allows for more density on the patch panel interface.

The mini-WECo patch jack cables offered in various lengths from 12” to 36” are a great solution for higher frequency, high density applications when HDTV video signals are needed. Standard 75 ohm BNC’s with beryllium copper center contacts provide long life performance of over 30,000 minimum mating cycles. Together these create an ideal solution for mobile video news vans, high-density in-station patching, remote site trucks, uplink/downlink stations, and head-ends.

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