Cinch Introduces Semflex Laboratory RF/Microwave Test Cables

Cinch Connectivity has introduced the new Semflex HP160 ULTRAFLEX cable in various assembly configurations. The Semflex HPT series of configured cable assemblies is now offering “everyday use” laboratory RF/Microwave test cables intended for precision lab test applications. They combine the highest performance and long-life span at an affordable price.

The ultra-flexible HP160 ULTRAFLEX cable with hot molded rubber boots help control failures under constant flexing within the laboratory environment. Available with either SMA or 2.92mm interfaces in both male and female configurations with up to 40 GHz operation. These cables are also available with a phase matching option of ±1°/ GHz for use as network analyzer cables. The test cables are available in standard 18” and 24” lengths or can be ordered custom made to any length.

Cinch Connectivity’s Semflex line is a leader in low loss and ultra-low loss microwave cable technology. The usage of ultralow density microporous PTFE dielectric material in the LA series cables provide lower attenuation versus other cable series. Semflex assemblies use connectors specifically designed to fit the Semflex cables without compromising electrical performance while still providing excellent connector to cable mechanical transition.

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