Quantenna and Telefónica to Deliver New Portfolio of 8x8 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 Products

Leveraging Quantenna’s 8x8 QSR10GU-AX 802.11ax WLAN Chipset Solution, Telefónica is delivering a new portfolio of high-end fiber gateways and repeaters. Through a long history of cooperation, the two companies have developed multiple generations of best-in-class products including gateways, repeaters and set-top boxes deployed in Europe and Latin America.

The Wi-Fi 6 compliant QSR10GU-AX provides integrated dual-band, dual-concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz functionality in the same chipset, supporting up to a maximum speed of 10Gbps and 12 simultaneous streams. Thanks to its “Always-On DFS” feature, the QSR10GU-AX offers enhanced radar detection and spectrum analyzer capabilities with wide frequency range analysis. The QSR10GU-AX also supports advanced MU-MIMO, allowing for transmission to multiple devices at the same time, and providing higher throughput, increased robustness and reduced interference. Click here to learn more about this chipset.