New Negative Voltage Drivers Optimized for Use With High-Performance PIN Diode Switches

MACOM has introduced two new negative voltage drivers designed for use with a broad range of MACOM’s AlGaAs and HMIC PIN diode switches. The new MADR-011020 and MADR-011022 drivers enable integration that complements the industry-leading performance of MACOM’s advanced PIN diodes, providing designers with layout-efficient and cost-effective solutions while eliminating the design complexities and time to market constraints imposed by discrete componentry.

The MADR-011020 enables back bias voltage selection between -20 V and -50 V and provides up to 50 mA sinking and sourcing bias current for medium power SPDT switches, while the MADR-011022 accommodates between -10 V and -25 V with up to 25 mA sinking bias current and 20 mA sourcing for use with low power SPDT switches. These compact 4 mm, 16-lead PQFN packaged drivers feature built-in power sequencers, eliminating the need for external power sequencing, and can be easily controlled with standard TTL logic. Achievable switching speeds range from sub-50 ns (MADR-011020) to sub-80 ns (MADR-011022).

These drivers can be used as building blocks where two or more drivers can be paralleled to control 2 to 8 throw switch configurations. An all-off RF switch state can be achieved using the drivers’ enable pins.

MACOM is a complete solution provider for High Performance RF control components, providing discrete PIN diodes with I-layer thickness from 1 micron to 400 microns for frequency-specific switching and power limiting applications, discrete chip capacitors and quartz chip inductors for custom bias networks/filters, drop in wideband (2 to 18 GHz) bias decoupling networks for use with discrete or integrated switching circuits, multi-throw switches using MACOM’s HMIC or AlGaAs technologies with on-chip biasing networks, and TTL-compatible positive and negative voltage switch/PIN diode drivers with very fast switching speed. MACOM offers standard band-specific control circuits, and supports customers with devices for custom designs and circuits.

MACOM’s new MADR-011020 and MADR-011022 drivers are now available to customers. For assistance identifying MACOM products optimized to substitute or replace offerings from other vendors, visit MACOM’s Cross Reference tool.


  • Country: United States
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