Modelithics and ANSYS Develop 3D Model Component Library for 5G & IIoT Communication Systems

Modelithics and ANSYS are working together to develop a 3D electromagnetic simulation component model library that will enable customers to accelerate the design of wireless communication systems for 5G, smart devices and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). The partnership creates a new industry paradigm for sharing intellectual property (IP) and increases the accuracy of the radio frequency (RF) and microwave design process for networking equipment and mobile devices.

Components such as inductors, capacitors, connectors and packaged filters used in wireless communication devices are packed tightly together in compressed packages to achieve increased functionality and product miniaturization. The resulting component-to-component electromagnetic (EM) field interactions and coupling, which are typically ignored in a system-level modeling approach, can significantly influence circuit performance, especially at higher 5G and millimeter wave frequencies. The ability to predict these effects during simulation is critical to meeting development timelines within budget.

Modelithics and ANSYS will create a library of models that are defined by their physical geometry and material properties and can properly simulate interactions between components and their surrounding environment. These simulation-ready 3D components can simply be added to larger system designs in ANSYS HFSS without the need to apply excitations, boundary conditions or material properties.