Rohde & Schwarz, iBwave & Anokiwave Showcase an Indoor 5G-NR Network

Rohde & Schwarz, along with iBwave and Anokiwave, have implemented and measured an indoor 5G NR network on an experimental frequency license that uses the 26 GHz mmWave frequency band. The trial was performed as part of 5G Expert Days being held at the R&S headquarters in Munich. Hosted by Rohde & Schwarz, it is a well-established industry workshop that offers researchers, developers, manufacturers and test equipment users an excellent opportunity to discuss the recently finalized 5G NR technology.

It is very important to understand real-world coverage issues in the 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz frequency bands. Most 5G NR pre-commercial trials that are currently ongoing in several countries are outdoor trials. Indoor trials, especially in mmWave frequency range, are still rare.

The 5G NR network at 5G Expert Days was planned by iBwave, a leader in in-building network planning. In the setup an R&S SMW200A signal generator transmitted 5G NR signals via the 24/26 GHz Active Antenna Innovator Kit, supplied by Anokiwave to control various beams. The performance of the network was measured using the first commercially available 5G NR network measurement solution including an autonomous 5G NR network scanner R&S TSMA6 with integrated PC, a down-converter R&S TSME30DC that also covers 28 GHz frequency band and R&S ROMES4 drive test software commissioned into a backpack.

The collected measurement data was analyzed in terms of coverage of different beams with the R&S ROMES4 software and compared with the iBwave network planning and simulation based on modeling the indoor environment.

The commercial roll-out of 5G is at hand. As a world market and technology leader in RF and microwave test and measurement equipment, Rohde & Schwarz supports the entire mobile technology lifecycle and offers early adopters commercial network measurement solutions at a very early stage. For the customer, 5G trials mean faster and safer launch of 5G products and services. Early field trials are the only way to provide insights and to overcome doubts and uncertainties before a commercial launch. In particular, indoor environments will be the target for 5G in the mmWave frequency range.

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