Sivers IMA & Ampleon Collaborate to Develop mmWave Chips for 5G Base Stations

Sivers IMA has signed a joint development agreement with Ampleon to develop the next generation of mmWave chips for 5G base stations. Ampleon is one of the leading global suppliers of sub 6 GHz RF power solutions for 4G and 5G cellular base stations and will fund the project with $3.8 Million USD.

There is a demand from the top tier OEMs to get access to world class state of the art mmWave technology for their next generation 5G base stations. Ampleon has with their customers identified this need and is now joining forces with Sivers IMA to bring strategic mmWave components to the market by end of 2019. Having all the top macro cell telecom network OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as their customers, Ampleon will be the main sales channel to all tier 1 OEMs for the product resulting from the project.

According to Anders Storm, CEO, Sivers IMA, over the last year Sivers IMA has been working with Ampleon on its 5G consortium, which has resulted in a 28 GHz 5G transceiver chip that is now ready for customer testing. The current chip will be able to address the small cell and customer premises equipment (CPE) market for fixed wireless accesses and some other use cases. Now, Sivers has also agreed with Ampleon to address the specific demand from the top tier OEMs to also offer a solution for 5G base stations.

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report November 2018, the major 5G network deployments are anticipated from 2020, and 1.5 billion 5G subscriptions for enhanced mobile broadband are projected by the end of 2024.