RF Venue Introduces Explorer Pro Audio Edition Portable Spectrum Analyzer

RF Venue, a company working on reducing dropouts and interference for wireless audio devices, has released an all-new portable RF spectrum analyzer designed specifically for use with wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems. The new RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition is a must-have tool for wireless projects in today's increasingly crowded RF spectrum.

The Pro Audio Edition features include:

  • 15-2700 MHz Wideband scanning range
  • BNC input to connect directly to wireless mic antennas and distribution systems
  • Configurable Low Noise Amplifier and Input Attenuator
  • Save / Load Presets for fast setup and recall
  • Connect to Mac or PC for software control with a range of third party apps
  • One-Click WiFi Analyzer mode displays 2.4 GHz channels and more

The product is now available on the RF Venue Dealer Portal and is making its way to the rest of distribution network in limited quantities. Click here to leran more about  this device.