Sivers IMA WiGig Chipset for 5G Fixed Access Now Ready for Volume Production

Sivers IMA’s JESD47JE (“Stress-Test-Driven Qualification of Integrated Circuits”) qualified, WiGig chipset (TRX BF01), is now ready for volume production. The JESD47JE qualification tests consist of various stress-related tests, including simulated use over a long period of time (more than 10 years in normal use), resistance to cold, heat, voltage, humidity and electrostatic discharge, etc.

It is a very important milestone to have completed this qualification. With this qualification Sivers’ can safely sell the products in large volumes. They are now entering a phase, where the TRX BF01 is already sold to for example CCS, which is now building unlicensed 5G systems around England in multiple locations.

The TRX BF01 is a world-leading wireless multi-gigabyte chip that can be used for next generation unlicensed 5G for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to the home or mesh networks for backhaul. A conference contribution from Sivers IMA to IEEE RFIC Symposium 2018 based on TRX BF01 was selected “Best Industrial Paper” at the IEEE RFIC Symposium in Philadelphia in USA, as recently as June 2018.

The IEEE RFIC Symposium is the world’s leading conference focused on RFIC technology and Sivers IMA won the award against leading semiconductor companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Infineon and others. One of the reasons for the award was that the TRX BF01 is the only chip in the world that can use the entire unlicensed 5G band all the way from 57 GHz to 71 GHz, this band is now available for example throughout the United States and England to be used as free and unlicensed 5G spectrum.

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