uBeam to Showcase Ultrasonic Wireless Power Technology at CES 2019

Wireless power expert, uBeam, will be unveiling its latest advancement in wireless power transfer technology at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

uBeam’s technology demonstration will showcase the company’s new contact-free power-at-a-distance ultrasonic wireless power system. The ultrasonic wireless charging system works using ultrasound (sound which above the upper limit of human hearing of 20 Hz to 20 kHz) waves produced by uBeam transmitters. The uBeam emits targeted, focused power directly to receivers that are actively requesting power, and power delivery ceases immediately once that request stops. Because uBeam’s system functions only in the “line of sight,” devices obscured by solid objects will not have power beamed to them. The technology is set to help alleviate the current system level tradeoffs between product performance and battery longevity.

The applications of this technology can extend from consumer products, such as portable electronics and smart home devices, to industrial IoT sensors and asset trackers. It is also the only wireless power technology that is not electromagnetic based, which provides unique advantages for the users. Leadership and engineering teams will be on-site at the event to discuss details of the technology as well as potential applications and partnership opportunities.

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