Ossia’s Cota Wireless Power Technology to Power Xirgo IoT Tracking Solutions

Wireless power pioneer, Ossia, has partnered with wireless IoT communication device developer, Xirgo, to develop IoT asset tracking devices using Ossia’s Cota Real Wireless Power. The companies plan to launch a pilot project in early 2019 at the distribution centers of a leading global retailer, in coordination with a Tier 1 wireless carrier. They expect to commercialize the jointly developed solution to the mass market later in the year.

Xirgo Technologies is a leading provider of innovative, full-featured, application-specific wireless IoT solutions to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. It provides world-class IoT products in the realm of yard management, telematics, fleet management, heavy equipment, asset tracking and other IoT applications. It also delivers a high-value set of custom products for its partners, and a comprehensive product line that is sold through direct and indirect channels.

Ossia is the creator of Cota Real Wireless Power, power that's delivered over-the-air, at a distance, without the need for plugs, pads, or line-of-sight. The Cota receiver chip is small and can easily integrate into IoT devices. The Cota transmitter can be installed in buildings, homes or vehicles as a standalone product or integrated into existing infrastructure or devices. Cota wireless power technology is the ideal solution for powering thousands of IoT tracking devices in a dynamic distribution center environment. Ossia provides access to its Cota technology by way of licensing, joint developments, joint ventures, alliances, and other types of partnership agreements.