NovAtel to Provide Safety-Critical Infrastructure for WAAS Navigation Network

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has rewarded NovAtel with a contract to design, develop and deliver 40 next-gen Ground Uplink Station (GUS) Signal Generators to support the safety of life WAAS navigation service. The contract also includes ongoing engineering support services for NovAtel’s complete portfolio of Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) products deployed by the FAA, including the WAAS G-III reference receiver platform. The FAA has relied on NovAtel's safety-critical SBAS technology for over 20 years starting with NovAtel's first-generation WAAS reference receiver that was created in the 1990's.

Developed by the FAA, the WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) network is a safety-critical navigation aid that allows aircraft to use the US Global Positioning System (GPS) for all phases of flight. Every time an aircraft takes off or lands within the WAAS coverage area, NovAtel technology is generating and processing data that allows aviators to make precision approaches to any airport. Since the program’s inception, NovAtel has provided the FAA with technology that delivers high precision GPS receiver measurements and navigation information from WAAS Reference Stations (WRS) and the GUS infrastructure.

Under this new contract, NovAtel will help modernize the WAAS network by upgrading and extending support for the network’s GUS infrastructure. The next-generation of GUS Signal Generators, which are designed specifically for SBAS ground uplink systems, will include independent L1 and L5 signal paths to precisely control the frequency and phase of L1 and L5 code and carrier for dual-frequency SBAS. A GUS receiver system based on the WAAS G-III receiver platform will also be released along with the Signal Generator to complete the modernized GUS control loop.

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