IDT Demonstrates First Ionically Cooled Wireless Charger at CES 2019

Integrated Device Technology (IDT), at CES 2019, is demonstrating a wireless power transmitter that enables mobile OEMs and peripheral manufacturers to design high-capacity wireless charging into their products. The pre-production Transmitter can deliver a sustained 15 watts of input power to a 15W-enabled wireless power device without significantly heating the smartphone i.e it will be cool to touch. In high-capacity mode, the new Tx charges a receiver device as fast as if it were plugged into an electrical outlet. It is compatible with existing wireless power receivers and is also smart, capable of decreasing input power or increasing cooling as the device being charged requires.

Developed around the P9242-G converged Tx IC and coupled with Ventiva's line of silent, small, vibration-less air movers, the new solution shows how innovative and thoughtful product design can mitigate and even eliminate the system-level heat and noise constraints to wireless charging once thought intractable.

Ventiva is a Silicon Valley-based startup developing solid-state air moving technologies. Thanks to the Ventiva Ionic Cooling Engine (ICE), the Tx has no moving parts and is noiseless; making it the first commercial application of an air moving technology for thermal management only theorized about for decades. Developed over 10 years, ICE uses the principle of ionization to move air silently.

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